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Create your account

First step is to create new account and fill the form with full information the enter your dashboard

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Look at market chart

Before you start deal you must look carefully to the market chart and see the prices and movements

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Make deals

initially you must see the market chart and then make desission according to understanding the market movements

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Join portfolio management team on global financial market platform. There are steps to recognize

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Create an account

the registration is available to all without any advanced fees. You can get your trading account to manage your portfolio easily.create account

Trading levels

there are 4 levels of trading in the global financial market. Start from Qualifying level then silver level after that the golden level then ends with platinum level. You have to score 66 successful non-consecutive steps in condition of you don’t lose 6 consecutive deals.

Profits in each level

1- Qualifying level: pass this level to get a portfolio in the global financial market.
2- Silver level: 30% of profit margin equal to 10000$.
3- Golden level: 50% of profit margin equal to 30000$.
4- Platinum level: 70% of profit margin equals to 60000$

consultancy services

You can easily contact a large number from advisors for global financial market to get the best services and consultation in trading methods.

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Trading method in financial market portfolio

: there are 4 levels with the same trading methods. We give you the largest portfolios and the strongest management in foreign currencies market. Read More

How to be an expert

any trader can get an expert account from the management when scoring number of successful step that qualify him to become a global financial markets experts with privilege. Read More

Copy services

1- Our site is featured with providing all copy services for members with no experience or having no time to participate in deals copy. Read More

Personal profile

after registering in the site you will get your own profile. You can easily do trading procedure through. Read More


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مستشار مالى حاصل على دورات متقدمة فى تنفيذ قوانين الحوكمة والشفافية محلل مالى لمقارنة أداء الشركات الميساهمة محلل مالى لأسواق الفوركس استخدم التحليل الاساسى و الفنى


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