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ٌReward results for Qualifying level

Monthly reward for Qualifying Level

Global money market site rewards for the qualifying level The global money market offers a reward every 60 days for those in the qualifying level until they reach the goal and move to the silver level for the larger goal. By registering in the global money market, you can start trading through your profile at the qualifying level, where we offer the reward to the best traders every two months as follow
The first winner get 200$ and transferring to the silver level for trading with a real wallet
The second winner $ 150
The third winner $ 100
The fourth winer $ 50
How positions are calculated
1. The largest number of steps is calculated.
2. The calculation of the steps starts with the beginning of every month 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 for a period of two months for each contest.
3. Members continue to trade in order to reach their goal of passing the qualifying level, and this reward is considered in support of them to continue until they reach the goal, which is to pass the qualifying level and move to the silver level to win the reward, which is $ 10,000.
4. In the event that two members are equal in steps or more, the lowest member of losing number will be calculated in the deals.
5. In the event that two members are equal in steps and the number of losses, the timing is calculated.
6. The information in your personal file must be correct to receive the reward (phone number, name, email, etc.)
7. To view the results, you will receive a message on the registered e-mail, or you can follow our YouTube channel (Global Money Market)
8. Rewards will be delivered through one of the electronic banks
1. Neteller
4.Western union
Or through a bank transfer, depending on the country.
9. This reward was provided by the Global Capital Market Board of Directors in support of all diligent and ambitious people to support them in achieving their dreams and reaching the major prizes for the silver, gold and platinum levels.