Monthly Profits


ٌReward results for Qualifying level

Monthly reward for Qualifying Level

Global mony market provide monthy reward to users in this level until arrive the target and change to silver level. When you register you can start trading by using your profile in Qualifying level where we provide the monthly reward in the begining of every month.
The first 200$
Second 100$
Thierd 50$
How do we calculate it?
1. We calculate the highest number of success steps.
2. Calculations start every month and finish with begining new month.
3.Users keep trading until reach the target which is change to silver level, and this reward is to encourage them.
4. If tow user have the same score of success steps we calculate the highest number of failed steps.
5. You can recive the reward by:
1. Neteller
4.Western union
Or by bank trasfere.
6. This reward from the Global Capital Market Board of Directors provided support to all diligent and ambitious people to motivate them On achieving their dreams and reaching the grand prizes for the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.